Videos or slide shows are a great way to entertain your website visitors and hold their attention to keep them focused on your site. The demo video we have in the pane to the right was set to play as soon as the page started loading; you may choose to let the user decide when to play it. The video may repeat when it is finished, or, as we have shown here, you may provide the visitor with other options - another video, other information or material, or to simply replay the same video. WebcraftWizard can install the videos in your page with your specifications enabled.
Slide shows are another way to add photos and extra color to you pages. You can make a collection of images that fade from one to another as the visitor surfs the page, or have them overlay the page to capture the viewer's full attention.        Slideshow Demo
Format and install your video in Basic 2-page or Expanded Styles:$39.95 ea
Format and install your slideshow in Basic 2-page or Expanded Styles:$39.95 ea


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